Construction Contractor IN MONROE, GA

Built to your specifications.

Custom Barns 

We enjoy new wooden barn constructions which help keep these historical icons of the local countryside standing for generations to come. We can construct new barns, renovate aging barns, or remodel your barn to fit your current needs. We have experience with a variety of popular wood materials and barn styles. We can fully frame and finish your barn and undertake more complex barn construction projects such as modern designs incorporating living quarters.

Organized storage to fit your needs.

Custom Sheds

If you need a custom wooden shed, we can handle your project from framing to finish. We have experience with a variety of shed types from simple storage to those suited for animal husbandry. We can give your shed a natural wood look or work to match existing structural styles. When it comes to design, materials, and function the flexibility of a custom build allows us to meet your exact needs.