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David Mathis is your Oconee Roofing Professional bringing countless years of experience and a strong company, Barrelle Roofing, with him. Offering some of the best warranties on roofs available.

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David brings exceptional service to your home. Every purchase you deserve to be well informed, he will ensure you are completely comfortable with your roofing solution.

“It seems like I have been in the construction industry from the first day I could walk.” I have worked in every facet of the building/construction industry. After working around other companies in the field and seeing a lot of installation that I felt was lacking in quality I decided to enter this industry. I set out to work for a company who valued the customer and quality practices. I found a home in the ever expanding roofing industry with Barrelle Roofing. At Barrelle Roofing we continue to train and learn new technologies and practices every day. We attend multiple conferences, bring in trainers, study updated manuals, and stay up to date on ever changing insurance practices. On top of company training I further my education by continuing to study new materials every day. I myself am a Georgia Licensed General Contractor as well as a Certified Owens Corning roofing expert. I have personally overseen the completion of hundreds of high quality roofs during my time at Barrelle Roofing. I have also personally overseen many complex roofing projects such as apartment complexes and town home communities that require much more planning.

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Knowledge is power

Your roof is a system of components that keeps your largest investment dry and protected.
I make sure every roof is a completed system with proper components. A residential roofing system takes a lot of steps to complete properly. Most people have seen a quick over view of what replacing a roof looks like. However most people do not know the specific details to look for to make sure it is correctly done. That is where a roofing expert such as myself comes in. Common mistakes untrained and/or unethical roofing companies make:

  • Install shingles over a 1x decking house where gaps exceed 1/4in in spacing.
  • Do not install drip edge on the home.
  • Install drip edge on the rakes of the home under the roofing felt.
  • Do not remove the existing felt and reuse.
  • Suggest your home can sustain multiple layer of shingles
  • Cut three tab shingles for hip and ridge on architectural shingle installs.
  • Use static vent in conjunction with ridge vent on the same slope of the home.
  • Nail to high or to low on the shingle.
These are just a few of the mistakes or misleading that companies make in regards to installing a new system on your home. All of these are specified in the manufacture specifications for installation and/or the International Residential Code.

why choose me

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

This rings so true to my belief in fair price and quality workmanship. I am a consumer just the same as my customers are. When I search out to make a purchase I want what I perceive to be fair. I am as we all are nowadays very busy with life. When I search out to purchase I am looking to do it and have it done. I do not have time to deal with reoccurring issues or failed service. I believe that all of my customers would appreciate the same outcome from my services. I make sure that everyone receives a prompt, proficient, and professional service from me. I provide the highest level of customer service for everyone I work with. Everyone I have dealt with can speak to the level of comfort they have in regards to service they received when our work is complete. When someone retains me for service they are buying peace of mind over everything else.

I am licensed and insured for your protection and I work for Barrelle Roofing who is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and an Owens Corning preferred contractor. Contact me today, I know you will be happy you did.

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